A clip of Greenwood Sensei explaining the “irimi” of iriminage was recently featured by Aikido Journal.

Nishio style execution! Philip Greenwood: Understanding the “Irimi” in Iriminage

In this video, Philip Greenwood Sensei presents the approach of Shoji Nishio to shomenuchi iriminage: “Here I present a 3-minute video from a recent basics class I guest instructed explaining one of the many ways that we do iriminage. I show in detail both atemi and sword relationships (there are corresponding jo forms as well, but I didn’t include them here). Most importantly I resolve any concerns regarding effectiveness because I completely disable the opponent’s ability to do anything including strike, kick or regain his balance – right in the first instant of contact – all without hurting him…”


Excerpts from the 2014 Weapons Intensive Seminar with Philip Greenwood Sensei

Irimi issoku: Entering in one step