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Empty hand techniques, ken and jo and iaido are all integrated into a seamless whole that is true to the martial integrity and effectiveness of aikido as well as the philosophy expressed by the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Ellis Amdur in a forum quote on AikiWeb said: “When Saito Morihiro sensei released his monumental first series of books on aikido, attempting, thereby, to preserve what he believed was the essence of Osensei’s aikido when he was at his peak, he included “portrait” photographs of only three men besides Ueshiba and himself: Ueshiba Kisshomaru, Shioda Gozo and Nishio Shoji… Given Saito sensei’s uncompromising severity in his viewpoint regarding “versions” of aikido that were promulgated by others, his recognition of Nishio sensei here is something very special. What higher honor than to be considered by Saito Morihiro as the exemplar aikido’s future!”

Also in our Members Area, arranged in ten pages are technique tables with dozens of pop-up videos that let you go directly to the exact technique you’re looking for and get it from multiple angles in less than 60 seconds.

An important thing to realize when looking at Nishio Sensei’s videos/book is that he created a foundation for future development by drawing on the best aspects of all Japanese martial arts. In the introduction to his book Nishio Sensei says, “Budo techniques are not permanent and unchanging; if other things change, then naturally budo change in response.” Since Nishio Sensei’s passing in 2005 we still practice many of the methods just as he did them. But we have also taken the theoretical basis of his work and moved forward.

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